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Stoughton boy receives a helping hand


Stoughton (WKOW) - A Stoughton High School student creates the ultimate gift for a little boy in need of a prosthetic arm.

That little boy is 11-year-old Jonah Friedrich. He's trying to do it all, but was born without an arm.

Jonah already excels at sports and dreams of being a basketball star. With a new 3D hand, his dream may one day become a reality. But life before it was pretty tough, especially when typing on a keyboard.

"My nub is so big, when I try to hit a key, it hits two," Jonah said. His mom Bessy posted the frustrating experience to Facebook after she attached a small wrench to his nub with tape to make it easier.

No one expected what happened next when a Stoughton High School junior saw the post open on his mom's Facebook page.

Ian says he was overwhelmed with a need to do something. At Stoughton High's Fabricator Lab, he knew he could make Ian's dream a reality.

Without even knowing Jonah, he quickly made plans to visit his home. In fact, Ian's first visit after getting his driver's license was to Jonah's place to make measurements on the 6th grader's arm. Ian then made a prototype.

Pulling the blueprints from a website devoted to helping volunteers, Ian created a special prosthetic for the little boy's nub.

"If you can do it, I say definitely go for it!" Ian said.

Jonah was about a year and half already on the wait-list, but Ian made the design tailored to the Jonah's frame in just two months.

"Just seeing him pick things up with his left hand for the first time is awesome, I'm just so happy it worked out."

It didn't just work out, just seconds after attaching the device, Jonah could do a high-five and even pick up a banana. Twenty minutes later, the 11-year-old was shooting hoops.

Jonah's Mom Bessy was overjoyed to see the development.

"It's so inspiring to see a sixteen year old do this," Bessy said about Ian's generosity. She says her son rarely goes anywhere without it. Jonah knows he is lucky and he can pursue his dreams to the fullest with the gift.

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