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Eau Claire County working to end local meth addiction


Eau Claire (WQOW)- Law enforcement in Eau Claire call it the longest running, and hardest drug to deal with.  Now local experts are asking for the community to help take a stand.

On Wednesday the county hosted a community forum to raise awareness about meth addiction in the Chippewa Valley.  Organizers said that when an individual is struggling with meth addiction the entire community suffers with them, whether it's due to the increased health care, county jail costs, or the children living in meth addicted households.

Wednesday's event was meant to give everyone a glimpse of what law enforcement and county employees see everyday.  Staff from the Eau Claire Police Department, Eau Claire County Sheriff's Department, Eau Claire City-County Health Department, among other county organizations were at the forum to explain what meth is, what the effects are and how to recognize them.  The theme of the event, though, was about realizing the bigger impact.  Police said meth addiction attributes to a lot of other crimes like theft, domestic abuse, even prostitution and human trafficking.  The department said this isn't just a law enforcement issue, this is a community issue.

"That was the purpose for [the event] to showcase what an impact it is making on the community, to drum up support from the entire community to recognize that everybody has to get involved, that it truly isn't just one agency or one person's responsibility.  As a community we come together, and that's the strength of Eau Claire, is that we care about our community and everybody here.  So we need to work together, make it our priority, so that we maintain such a good, healthy, strong community," said Eau Claire Police Chief Jerry Staniszewski.

Moving forward the police department said the best way to end this epidemic is to continue education about what meth use looks like and how to get help, and if you see something, say something.

The county's More than Meth campaign is ongoing, and more information can be found on the county website.

Eau Claire (WQOW) - More than Meth is an effort underway in the Chippewa Valley to raise awareness of the growing meth problem in the area. 

Wednesday evening a methamphetamine awareness forum is being held at the Business Education Center on CVTC's campus. Local law enforcement and county officials are hoping the forum will show the community what addiction looks like and how to tackle it. The event is open to the public. 

The forum begins at 6:30. You can watch it LIVE HERE

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