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12/16: The Slim Down Challenge


Eau Claire (Slim Down Challenge) - The Slim Down Challenge begins January 9 and will run through July 8.  This is the 5th year of the Challenge.

1) Weigh-ins are done in the comfort of your own home and submitted with your smart phone, no more going to a gym to do your weigh-in.

2) No more Biggest Loser style weight loss. It is not about losing all the weight you can and the one who loses the most wins. Now, all you need to do is lose 10% over 6 months and you will split the pot with those who also complete the Challenge. If you lose your 10% and hit the monthly weight loss goals along the way, there is a No Lose Guarantee, which means you will get your entry fee back.

3) This is now available to anyone in the US, not just here in the Chippewa Valley. So if someone in California who wants to join they can.

4) Entry fee is $15/month or if you pay up front it's only $75--you get one month free!

5) For the Chippewa Valley we will have "weigh-in assist event" locations at GNC - Oakwood Mall on Jan 9th, Anytime Fitness on Golf Rd in Eau Claire on Jan 10th, Planet Fitness Eau Claire Jan 11th and at GNC in Onalaska Jan 14th...

6) Part of the proceeds are going to local food pantries to help purchase healthier food items for those in need.

7) Finally, by hosting the Challenge through DietBet, we can focus more on coaching than the behind the scenes work, especially with limited staff, and without compromising the incentives for the participants.

Here are the social media and websites to list.

@warriorslimdownchallenge on Facebook


@BecomeWOW on Facebook & Twitter

@Become_WOW on Instagram


@iamanovereater on Facebook


or go straight to our website:


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