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WI Senators Johnson, Baldwin on Pres. Trump's SCOTUS nominee


Green Bay (WBAY) -- On Tuesday, President Donald Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to be an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, in order to fill the seat left vacant after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Now, we’re hearing from the Democrats and Republicans who will ultimately decide with their votes whether Gorsuch will become a member of the Supreme Court.

So far, President Trump’s nomination is pretty evenly split with Republicans supporting the nod, and Democrats vowing to vote against Judge Gorsuch.

At an event today in Green Bay, Senator Ron Johnson says he believes President Trump’s first few weeks in office have been a success. Johnson voiced support for the president’s quick changes since being inaugurated, and pledged his allegiance to Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.

“It’s a big difference between a conservative wanting a judge, and realizing the outcomes that that judge will rule on. [Decisions] that he’ll reach, I’m not going to like, because there’s a lot of bad law out there,” says Johnson. “But that’s what I’m looking for, is a judge, not a super-legislator, but somebody who will apply the law rather than alter it. Judge Gorsuch is a judge. He’s got that fidelity to it, and that’s exactly what the Supreme Court needs.”

On the other side, Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin released a statement on Judge Gorsuch earlier this week, saying in part, “The American people deserve an independent Supreme Court Justice who will protect the Constitutional rights and freedoms of all Americans. Not someone who will put his own political preferences above the law and legislate President Trump’s far right agenda.” Baldwin has pledged to vote against Judge Gorsuch as the Supreme Court nominee.

Right now, Democrats say Gorsuch will need 60 or more votes to overcome a filibuster vote delaying his nomination, while Republicans have the chance to change Senate rules to block the filibuster.

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