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DeLong Middle School students take pledge against using "R" word


Eau Claire (WQOW)- Over time many people have learned the dangers of using certain words,outlawing their use in many cases. But what about the "R" word? That's what some Eau Claire students are looking to change.

Wednesday was the kick off of the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign. DeLong Middle School Best Buddies traveled to different classrooms teaching their peers about the program, and raising awareness of the damage using the "R" word has on people with special needs. Students were then encouraged to take the pledge themselves.

"I really think that the word should not be used anymore, it just should be stopped, it shouldn't exist anymore. If the campaign actually works and it takes places, it'll be great because that means the word will never be used anymore and that'll make everyone with special needs, or anything like that, feel a lot better," said Ayanna Watkins, DeLong sixth grader who mentors as a Best Buddy.

The Best Buddies program partners general education students and students who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. They work together all school year long to build relationships and social skills. DeLong is the first middle school in the state to implement the program.

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