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Red Cross tornado relief headquarters keeps volunteer efforts running smoothly


Altoona (WQOW)- While helping hands continue to flock to Barron and Rusk counties to aid in disaster relief, the American Red Cross has another fleet of volunteers working from the Chippewa Valley.

Its tornado relief headquarters are located in Altoona. That is where organizers plan out what their operations will look like the next day. Red Cross volunteers came from all across Wisconsin this week to coordinate where volunteers are needed the most, what materials everyone needs and to keep records of the everything they do in order to communicate that with the community.

Organizers said, although they are constantly planning ahead, the most important thing for volunteers is to stay flexible.

"It's a disaster. Situations change, and we need to be ready to adjust and meet the needs as they happen, whether it's -- maybe we have, depending on what happens -- maybe we have the need to open another shelter or to provide some other type of service in the effected area," said Red Cross Assistant Director of Operations Nick Cluppert. "As we kind of get in to more of a rhythm as we get further in to the operation, it becomes, we kind of get in to that routine. But definitely the first 24 hours is usually pretty hectic just kind of getting things set up and going, but we're kind of getting in to that rhythm now where we're planning for tomorrow and things go smoothly unless we get a hiccup along the way."

Organizers said the headquarters will be set up for as long as they need to in order to keep their relief efforts organized. The Red Cross website has more information on how to get involved.

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