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Eau Claire police purchase new armored vehicle


Eau Claire (WQOW) - On Friday, Eau Claire police unveiled their new military grade weapon to fight crime.

The Eau Claire Police Department has obtained a $300,000 used military vehicle. It was purchased in response to several tragic situations that were prevented by calling in a similar vehicle from a neighboring department. The tires alone weigh over 400 pounds while the windows are able to withstand the strength of a 50 caliber bullet.

The armored rescue vehicle was obtained at no cost from U.S. Government. It was previously in battle overseas. The department spent $70,000 to refurbish it. However, they believe this to be a bargain that will aid in the safety of the community.

"This is a rescue vehicle meant to save lives and protect our community. We've developed strong policies and procedures on how were going to use it and when we're going to use it, and we've trained officers on the the proper use to it – use of it,” said Eau Claire Deputy Chief Matt Rokus. “We've done that to protect our community and make this a safer place for everyone that lives here."

Rokus said the vehicle is something officers hope they will never have to use. However, they believe it is their duty to be prepared for anything.

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