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Keeping an eye out for turtles on the road


La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -- With the beginning of summer, turtles are coming out of the water to nest. That means drivers will see more of them trying to cross the road.

Andrew Badje, conservation biologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), advises drivers to slow down. Some drivers might feel compelled to stop and help the turtle cross the road.

Badje said drivers need to remember to put their safety first.

"Pull over. Put your hazard lights on, and then when you do decide to get on the road, just make sure that you're not in harms way," he said. "You're not jumping in front of other vehicles, and at the same time, put your life before the turtle's."

Badje said more than 10 types of turtles live in the La Crosse area. Some people might have the urge to take them home as pets, but Badje reminds people to leave them in the wild. Pet stores sell turtles that are disease-resistant and more stress-free in a captive environment.

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