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Eau Claire City Council votes to ease parking restrictions near downtown


Eau Claire (WQOW) -- The Eau Claire City Council approved modifying an ordinance to make parking near downtown less of a hassle.

The changes include removing permit restrictions at several public parking lots, including near the Schlegelmilch House. It also removes timing restrictions on South Dewey Street near the downtown fire station.

The change will, however, restrict parking on one side of South Farwell Street from Washington Street to Summit Avenue. It will also expand enforcement in the Third Ward neighborhood.

City staff said this is meant to be the first of many changes to make parking more accommodating and safer throughout the city.

Posted Aug. 8,2017
Eau Claire (WQOW)-
Finding a spot to park your wheels around downtown could become a little easier.

Eau Claire city staff are looking at amending a parking ordinance that loosens some of the parking restrictions near downtown. Some of the proposed changes include removing the permit requirement in the lot next the Schlegelmilch House. For on-street parking, the changes would remove time restrictions on South Dewey Street and East Grand Avenue, as well as areas surrounding City Hall and the Eau Claire Area School District building. 

"When we had our parking study, we looked at how downtown parking was occurring and what changes should be made to optimize it. There was a balance that was needed between offering parking for people who had a limited amount of time and were willing to pay for it, as well as offering available parking for people who would prefer not to have to pay or worry about time limits, but then they wouldn't have the convenience of being right on street in front of the point of interest that they're going towards. It's trying to create a balance of available parking options for all the users of downtown," said Dave Solberg, with the Eau Claire Engineering Department.

Some of the other changes include expanding enforcement area of the Third Ward neighborhood and restricting parking within eight feet of a driveway, as well as implementing handicap parking stalls at three locations.

The ordinance change was introduced on Tuesday, and will be up for a vote at the August 22 city council meeting. Also up for a vote at that meeting is a 'Living Wage' ordinance. The ordinance that establishes a living wage for all city employees who work for at least three months out of the year and at least 20 hours per week. As it's being proposed, the ordinance would affect 22 employees and cost about $30,000.

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