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Study shows 29% of students use technology to cheat on tests, local administrator reacts


Fall Creek (WQOW) - It's likely one of the most important items you grab on your way out the door each morning, but what are the rules when it comes to cell phone use for your kids in school?

A recent study conducted by McAfee shows 29 percent of high school students admit to using tech devices to cheat in school.

In Eau Claire, district policy states phones and other technology should not disrupt learning in the classroom.

Meanwhile, Brad Ceranski, the Fall Creek High School principal, said students can have their phones in their possession during the day but generally can only look at them between classes and on lunch break. Using phones is never allowed during exams.

"Just like they have to learn how to drive a car and things, you need to be able to use the technology appropriately when they leave high school, when they are on the job or whatever, know when to use it, when not to use it," Ceranski said. "So hopefully, we are able to help education them in that as well."

Ceranski said each teacher has their own policy when it comes to phones. He said the school has not noticed major issues when it comes to cheating with technology, despite the national statistics. 

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