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Chippewa Valley eye doctors busy following solar eclipse


Eau Claire (WQOW) - If you happened to look at Monday's solar eclipse without eye protection, you might now be seeing stars instead, and you are not alone.

Doctors at several eye clinics around the Chippewa Valley told News 18 their phones are ringing frequently with people concerned they might have injured their eyes during the eclipse.

Dr. Tom Harvey, an ophthalmologist at Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic, said if you start having trouble seeing things directly in front of you, or see spots, you should visit your eye doctor. They will be able to look into the back of your eye to see if there is damage.

"Most of those are transient changes that will go away over three to six months, but the healing may be incomplete, and there may be some permanent loss," Harvey said. "So, its important to be evaluated by a good eye doctor."

Harvey said a doctor can provide you with eye drops to try and help the problem, but chances are once the eye is damaged, it is permanent.

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