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Gov. Walker discusses DACA, reelection, during tour at Altoona Middle School


Altoona (WQOW) -- On Wednesday, Governor Scott Walker stopped by Altoona Middle School and toured the school's fab lab, a classroom that gives students hands on experience learning technology and design.

The governor is stopping at schools all over the state promoting the state budget, which Walker hopes to have signed by the end of the month. Part of that budget includes an effort to build more fab labs across the state and promote trade education.

While there, News 18 asked Walker about his thoughts on DACA. Walker said it is not a state issue, and shouldn't have been a presidential issue.

"In the past we've raised concerns about issues like this, that the president previously had overstepped. Just the executive authority, and that was a decision legally, in terms of separation of powers, need to be made at the congressional level and the legislative branch, not the executive branch. So now it's up to them, Congress is going to have to determine what they're going to do with that going forward," Walker said.

During his visit News 18 also asked Walker his thoughts on so many Democrats entering the governor's race. He said, he's not paying much attention to who is interested in running. Instead his focus is on showing Wisconsinites that the state is better off than before he took office, taking one step closer to announcing his run for reelection.

"I would imagine sometime early in November, about a year out will probably be a good time for us to think about announcing our intentions. But it's no great secret, it's probably the worst kept secret in the state that I'm excited about continuing to serve," Walker said.

Gov. Walker said he is still focused on the state budget, hoping it will be ready for his signature at the end of the month.

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