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Eau Claire businesses concerned about bicyclists on sidewalks

Eau Claire (WQOW) -

You may have noticed more people and, maybe, more bikes on sidewalks now that class is back in session at UW-Eau Claire.

Businesses on Water Street want to make sure students and community members know the rules about bicycling downtown.

On Water Street, there is no bicycling on sidewalks, according to Eau Claire's city ordinance. The ordinance also includes skateboards and roller blades.

On Friday, Water Street business owners told News 18 they encourage biking downtown, but they want to remind everyone of the rules.

Mickey Judkins, CEO of Detail on Water Street, said she enjoys seeing the livelihood of downtown when students come back to campus, but she encourages everyone to make the right moves on the sidewalks near store fronts.

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"It's a high density area, and safety is the first concern that we have so we encourage them to walk their bikes when they're on the sidewalks if they feel unsafe in the traffic. Sometimes, the traffic is quite extreme. So, it's important that the cyclists are safe also," Judkins said.

There are other sidewalks in Eau Claire that do not allow bicycles on sidewalks, including Barstow and Farwell streets and also the sidewalks by Mayo Health System.

Police said if they see someone biking on the sidewalks, they can get pulled over and receive a minimal ordinance ticket of $213.10.

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