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9/12: Unforeseen challenges during Retirement


Eau Claire (R.W. Baird & Co.) -- Retirement can a relaxing time for many, but how do you stay on track when unforeseen challenges arise?

Game Changer No 1. A late-in-life job change can be triggered by an employer restructuring or major illness. What can be done to mitigate this from affecting your retirement plans?

Result = Reduced savings & earlier than expected spending. Keep 6-12 months living expenses. Be realistic and flexible.

Game Changer No. 2. A death of a spouse can turn a retirement plan upside down. How can you "protect" your plan?

Beyond emotional devastation, a spouse's death also has serious financial considerations. Life Insurance can protect. Delay when you take SS.

Game Changer No. 3. Being Too Generous. Nearly 40% of adult millennials are still living with their parents. How can this affect Mom and Dad's retirement plan?

This is the highest level of adult children living with their parents in the past 75 years. Determine how much you can afford, and for how long. Be clear with them about what you can and cannot do. Sometimes tough love is the best love.

The common thread to all of these scenarios is the importance of developing a plan that can mitigate the financial harm when unforeseen challenges arise. While you can't plan for all contingencies, have a plan in place that you feel good about, and be open to adjusting the plan when life throws you a curveball.

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