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Vulgar banners hanging in front of Eau Claire home during Homecoming raise red flags in the community

Eau Claire (WQOW) -

Two banners on a house, located on Lake Street near UW-Eau Claire, raised red flags among community members over the weekend.

The signs read, "Only girls take knees at hour house," and "The flag isn't the only thing that makes us stand at attention," were hung up at the top of the tenants' roof.

UW-Eau Claire authorities believe the vulgar words were influenced by the recent NFL protests.

Joseph Abhold, Dean of Students at UW-Eau Claire, said the residents are allowed to express themselves with those words on the banner, because of their right to freedom of speech, but Abhold said he was with the Eau Claire Police Department doing a ride along Saturday afternoon when the police were called to stop at the house to tell the residents to take the sign down right away. 

When police and Abhold arrived, the signs had already been taken down due to the negative messages the tenants received on social media.

"What I was able to do as the Dean of Students in visiting with them was to express to them that I feel like it's inconsistent with the values of the university and it's inconsistent with the values of the community and to let them know that I personally, very strongly disapproved of what they were doing," Abhold told News 18.

Abhold said there were no consequences for the tenants at the apartment except for all of the negative feedback from people on social media. He said if a similar incident would happen on a Greek life property or a university affiliated property, consequences would be different because those can be considered student housing chartered through the university.

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