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10/10: Using technology to manage your financial life


Eau Claire (R.W. Baird & Company) -- Technology is a big part of part of our lives, so how can we use it to help manage our financial lives?

Things like online banking and investing apps are out there, but how can you use these and still be secure and safe online?

Use strong a strong password. Also, don't use the same password for everything. Most apps offer a secure document exchange.

What is the best way to sign and return documents online, when you don't want to wait for the mail?

E-signature technology allows you to sign documents from your personal device without printing.

How can you use an online platform to control the amount and type of communication that you receive?

Sign up for e-delivery. Statements don't come via email; you are notified to log into a secure site to access them.

How can an online app help you reach your financial goals?

Many online platforms provide quick access to additional investing tools from your bank or investment firm, such as market research, information about stocks and mutual funds, and more.

How might an app help with filing your taxes?

Some platforms allow you to directly import your tax documents into common financial software like TurboTax or Quicken, while some allow your CPA to download them directly into their system.

Once you've logged into the app, most will have how-to videos to optimize and customize the app for your objectives.

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