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10/11: The Ultimate Wisconsin Cheese Tailgate Board


Eau Claire (Milk Marketing Board) -- We all love our Superbowl parties, whether it's cheering for your team or eating great food, it's a fun time. So, we have some recipes you're going to want to bust out this year.

Bacon Siracha Football Cheese Ball
A suggested started is gouda because it has a creamy, buttery texture and flavor, with a bit of sweetness at the end. Shred Siracha Gouda Cheese and add the shreds and spices into Wisconsin cream cheese with a bit of butter to hold the ball together. 
Form a football shaped cheese ball and cover it with sweet and salty brown sugar bacon. It's important to prep the bacon in advance and allow it to cool completely before covering your cheese ball. Top it off by using a slice of Mozzarella cheese cut to mimic football laces.
Serve this robust cheese ball with pretzels, fresh vegetables, toasted bread rounds, or salty, seedy crackers to hold the flavor of the spread. 

Ultimate Wisconsin Cheese Tailgate Board
A cheese board is easy to make and it's a simple way to impress your friends or whoever you're watching the game with. You can assemble your ingredients and go to the party. No cooking involved! 
To build a no-fail cheese board, start with a special selection of cheese and accompaniments that are big on visual contrast and bold in flavor.  Add in some bold and new flavors by adding a blue cheese or other cheeses with varying flavors and textures. A cheese board can feature 3-5 different cheeses, two different breads or crackers and 3-4 pairing foods. 
To prepare your cheese board, unwrap and arrange your cheese at least an hour before serving. This allows time for the cheese to breathe and show off their special flavors.  Slice, cube and serve some of the cheese whole for a varied and appealing look.
Choose a big board and start assembling. Place the cheese on it first and then arrange everything else.  Make it look bountiful - things can hang to the edge of the board, can be tucked together and can be garnished with football flair. 

Pack your tailgate cheese board with of hearty accompaniments, like pretzels and crackers. Add pickle spears and pickled jalapeños for a tart kick. Celery sticks, salami or beef snack sticks or even grilled bratwurst bites will beef up the flavor.

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