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Experts offer hunting safety tips after Lincoln Co. hunting death


Days after a hunter in Lincoln County was found dead, hanging upside down from a climber stand, another hunter tells the story about how he almost died a similar way.

"I was in a climbing tree stand it broke on me and I had in haste just disconnected my safety harness rather than using it properly and when my stand broke I went head over heels and suffocated and had the circulation cut off in me and wrecked my ankles," said Justin Gaiche, the owner of Chase Outdoors in Rothschild.

He said after he fell, he blacked out. 

"I had a 22-foot fall, so to be here today being able to talk to you is a miracle," Gaiche said. 

Someone happened to find him and saved his life. Gaiche said if he could go back he would have done things differently. 

"If you're not wearing your knife on your hip which I wasn't it was in my backpack and my backpack fell off trying to get it where I would've been able to cut myself out before I passed out," he said.

 The Department of Natural Resources said hunters are required to take a hunter safety class before hunting.

"Once you're up in the stand you'd want to wear your harness hook into your tether that's attached to the tree," said Brandon Stefanski of the Department of Natural Resources. "There's also a thing called a lifeline when you're climbing which you can hook in so when you're climbing up and down you're always attached to the tree so if you would slip it would catch you." 

To brush up, there are hunting classes or online tutorials available on the DNR website.

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