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Change your clocks & your batteries this Daylight Saving


La Crosse (WXOW) -- Daylight Saving ends at 2 am on the morning of November 5, and when you change your clocks back an hour be sure to take the time to make sure your house is prepared for emergencies as well.

Appliances such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors require batteries to save lives, and it can be a good habit to use Daylight Saving as a reminder to check those batteries.

Officials say that 46% of smoke alarms do not notify the occupants of an impending emergency, and batteries could be behind the issue.

Don Dominick, Fire Chief of the Onalaska Fire Department, elaborates on this, "The reason for that is the batteries were either removed, because they were annoying, or they were dead." 

Dominick continues, "So we could get nearly 50% of the awareness, and our ability to get out of that building, by 46% by just taking a look at those batteries."

Remember when thinking about Daylight Saving this fall, when you change your clocks change your batteries.

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