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Gubernatorial candidate Dana Wachs weighs in on Gov. Walker's re-election bid

Eau Claire (WQOW) -

On Sunday, News 18 had the opportunity to speak with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rep. Dana Wachs, and get his thoughts on Governor Scott Walker's re-election announcement, the upcoming Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) vote on the Foxconn deal and where he thinks the state's tax revenue should be invested.

Rep. Wachs criticized Governor Walker's record, or lack there of in his opinion, in reference to stimulating the Wisconsin economy. He believes that the state should invest in its residents and that the only residents Walker is interested in are the wealthy.

"In Wisconsin, ordinary wages are about $8,000 less then the wages are in Minnesota, our next door neighbor. We are in a race to the bottom and we need an advocate in the governor's chair, and we don't have one right now,” Wachs told News 18.

He blames the WEDC for making bad investments to firms that contribute funds to the the Walker campaign. Wachs stressed a more extensive vetting process of the businesses the state decides to invest in.

He called the Foxconn deal a “Hail Marry” that is not likely to improve the state economy. Recently, Wachs was appointed to the WEDC Board of Directors, where he said he hopes to make some changes.

“Overall that organization needs a lot of work, they have made some terrible investments, they're not tracking the investment with jobs, and they're in position to either approve or disapprove of the Foxconn contract,” he told News 18.

"If you took $3 billion and invested it in our people, in start-ups in our state, that would mean you could put $300,000 in 10,000 start-ups," Wachs explained.

The WEDC Board will vote this Wednesday on the contract that would allow the Foxconn incentive package to move forward.

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