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Chippewa Valley gun shop owner details how a person can buy a gun


Lake Hallie (WQOW)- After a 26-year-old gunman opened fire in a Texas church, News 18 is asking how he got the weapon? One local shooting range and training center is laying out the regulations.

On Sunday Devin Kelley fired shots inside a Sutherland Springs church outside of San Antonio, Texas, killing at least 26 people. Authorities have confirmed Kelley did not have a license to carry. Kelley served in the U.S. Air Force for four years, but received a bad conduct discharge following two charges of assault and aggravated assault on his then-wife and child.

Dan Marcon, owner Marc-On Shooting in Lake Hallie said Monday that, aside from what's required to get a conceal and carry permit, which varies from state to state, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a list of federal regulations that can prohibit someone from purchasing a gun anywhere, anytime. Some of those include having a felony conviction, a jail term longer than one year, be deemed addicted to drugs or alcohol, or mentally disabled by court, as well as dishonorable discharge and domestic violence charges, both of which Kelley had.

"He could have had them prior," Marcon said. "When he was in [the Air Force] he obviously wasn't a felon going in to service because the Air Force is one of the hardest to get in to, so they really do an extensive background check on you. If he had them before he was in, they don't go knock on your door and make sure you don't have them. That's usually up to the local sheriff, police, to double check that. If he flew under the radar and they were in someone else's name, then so be it."

Marcon said every single hand gun sale goes through the state, and it's extremely difficult to purchase guns from a store without a paper trail. He said somewhere this gun has paperwork and eventually authorities will track it down.

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