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NEW INFORMATION: Menomonie student admits to writing threatening note at school earlier this month

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UPDATE: A 15-year-old female student has admitted to writing the threatening note found at Menomonie High School on Nov. 14.

The juvenile female is being referred to the Dunn County District Attorney's Office for terrorist threats, which is a felony.

The note found in a restroom said "I am going to shoot up this school on 11/14." As News 18 reported, the school was placed on lockdown.

UPDATE: The Menomonie Police Department posted the following remarks on its Facebook page Wednesday. The post says in part that each student at Menomonie High School was 'patted down' after a threatening message was found in the girl's bathroom.

A letter, which includes a picture of the threatening note found inside Menomonie High School was sent to parents. Classes have resumed, but police remain.

UPDATE - Classes will resume back to regular schedule at Menomonie High School starting with 6th hour classes, according to a News 18 reporter at the school.

The second floor of the school is cleared and students are dismissed to lunch or to their locker for lunch, according to announcements at the school.

Students are only available to leave the building if a parent calls in.

One student spoke with News 18 and said they were early into the school day when the school went into lockdown.

"We were in our second hour and then we got a message over the intercom saying that we were going into a preventative measure lockdown and that's all we knew," Freshmen at Menomonie High School, Ida Peterson said.

Peterson texted her father during the day to tell him about the threat. Her father, David Peterson, became concerned about his child's safety and decided it was best to pick her up from school. As a parent, David Peterson said these school threats are alarming.

"Ida texted me while I was at work and said they were on lockdown and I'm not sure what that meant so I asked a couple of people and they said it's possibly a bomb threat or an incident where there might be a shooter or something, so I felt a little nervous and I texted my daughter back and said I will be there to pick you up," David Peterson said.

News 18 spoke Menomonie police. They say the investigation continues.

According to the state of Wisconsin, under felony charges, suspects who make threats like the recent school threats could face up to three and a half years in prison and a $10,000 fine. 

 (WQOW) - Menomonie Police Department posted on Twitter it is at the Menomonie High School due to a threatening note found in the girl's bathroom.

The school is currently on lockdown as the police are there checking lockers for the students’ safety.

They are asking nobody go to the school while on lockdown. We will post more info as it becomes available.

In the state of Wisconsin, under the felony charges in Wisconsin, suspects could face up to three and a half years in prison and a $10,000 fine. If someone is killed because of a panic, it goes from a Class I Felony to a Class G Felony, putting a person in prison for up to 10 years and facing up to $25,000 in fines.  

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