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You can be a part of determining the Chippewa Valley's artistic future


Eau Claire (WQOW) - With music festivals seemingly all summer long and the multi-million dollar Confluence Project, the local art scene is on every corner.

Now, Chippewa Valley, city and county officials are looking for ways to keep growing the art culture.

It's called the Chippewa Valley Future Region. It all started with a grant from the local government institute. With it, Eau Claire County, City of Eau Claire and Altoona staffs will work together to keep what they call the 'creative economy' growing.

There are three phases to this initiative.

  • Determining trends that can have an impact on a creative economy.
  • What stakeholders want Chippewa Valley's future to look like. 
  • Creating concrete plans of how to get there.

Eau Claire City Manager Dale Peters said this grant is a way to keep local collaboration growing.

"We've had some nice success in the area with the creative economy," Peters said. "We want to make sure that we foster the environment that can continue that success. We thought, what better way to collaborate and work together as three local governments than to look at this sector of our economy that is thriving, and study and intentionally look at how we can improve it and make it better."

The group met earlier this month to talk about those trends. The next phase of the project is Dec. 6.

Then the group will meet again in January to lay out those plans to facilitate the area's growing creative economy.

Organizers want your feedback on this project. You can give them your opinion by clicking this link.

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