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Milwaukee theaters split on showing 'My Friend Dahmer' film


Milwaukee (WISN) -- A Milwaukee theater chain has pulled a film from its cinemas in the area because the content is too close to home.

The movie is called "My Friend Dahmer" and it depicts the early years of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer, who killed 17 young men between 1978 and 1991. 

Dahmer lived in Milwaukee and committed many murders there, but there is one spot in town showing the film. "My Friend Dahmer" is only playing at the Times Cinema.

"We are trying to kind of go for edgier content here," said Mark Strube, Film Booker and Marketing Manager.

Marcus Theaters were scheduled to show the movie, but changed their mind, pulling it from any Milwaukee area theaters. In a statement, Marcus said it was a limited release movie, and quote "We are a family-friendly environment, and there are lots of great movies out this holiday season. We did not feel it was necessary to revisit this time in Milwaukee's history."

Some critics say Dahmer is portrayed as a sympathetic figure in the film. Other call it true to the story of his life.

Dahmer raped, murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys in the 70s and 80s.

"It depicts bullying and a broken family life and it shows part of what created Jeffrey Dahmer," said Strube.

People waiting to see "My Friend Dahmer" say there is a fascination in understanding how someone becomes a serial killer.

"I remember hearing stories about him because I was always interested in stuff like this," said movie-goer, Lindsey Hammerer.

"I wasn't born but I did read the official FBI documents on the case," said Martin Chikos.

"I think anyone in Milwaukee would be interested to see it," said Megan Hammerer. "I know most of it are fascinated by it. The fact that we lived in the area that he lived in." 

"My Friend Dahmer" is an adaptation of a popular graphic novel that was published in 2012. It was written by a former classmate of Dahmer's.

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