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Wisconsin high school cracks down on e-cigs while doctors worry about vaping dangers

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Parents at one Wisconsin school are being warned about the dangers of students vaping or using electronic cigarettes.  Mequon's Homestead High School sent out a letter this week saying they're cracking down on the Nicotine high at school.

The electronic nicotine deliver system is easy to hide and use, but there are cautionary studies urging young adults to think carefully before taking a puff.

A 2016 Harvard study shows the artifical flavors in the devices can be dangerous when inhaled, causing severe respiratory disease. Doctors say if teens or anyone is trying to quit regular cigarettes or e-cigs, they should try other methods to get their fix and kick the habit.

"The best way is a combination of counseling, and probably one-to-one, the best way to offer the counseling. We can offer nicotine replacement therapies that can be used with gums, lozenges, patches or even a nasal spray. And also medication," Cleveland Clinic Dr. Humbreto Choi said.

The other concern about the safety of e-cigs surprisingly comes from vape shops.  It's because a lot of teens are purchasing their e-cigs from overseas.  Despite being cheaped, they could be laced with anything.

"There's nothing that any law can do, or person can do, to stop that from happening. But then again, that's where the parents should be at," Jerrod Aiello at Hugh G. Vapes said.

That Vape store says they make it a practice not to sell to anyone under 18.  They also do ID checks.

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