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Drivers foot the bill for broken light and traffic poles in Eau Claire


Eau Claire (WQOW) - With winter on our tails, so are the slippery roads and spin outs that follow, but what happens when those spin outs take out a traffic light?

City staff said they have to replace more traffic, and light, poles during the winter and when it happens the person who hit it pays the bill.  

Police get in touch with the city's risk management department, which will either work with the person's insurance, or directly with them. 

Eau Claire Transportation Engineer Leah Ness said some of the hardest hit intersections are Farwell and Washington Street, Golf and London Road, and Golf Road and Commonwealth Ave., areas with high turning traffic, especially semis. 

"We try to make sure everything is secure right away, and then depending on what type of pole was hit, or what type of equipment was hit we may have it in stock so we can get it fixed right away, otherwise it might be something we have to order," Ness said. "Sometimes it can take a couple weeks and sometimes it can take a couple months to get that equipment depending on what it is."

Ness said the cost of repairs depends on the damage. If the base equipment is broken and if anything, needs to be replaced it can cost anything from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand.

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