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How the drastic temperature change impacts animals at Irvine Park


Chippewa Falls (WQOW) - We're not the only ones getting a winter wake up call. The drop in temperature means a new routine for the Irvine Park zoo animals.

Chippewa Falls Park Director, Dick Hebert, said the small mammals will be moved to their indoor exhibits as soon as the temperature drops to around 32 degrees and will stay there until it warms up.

The owls are able to stay outside because the perches are heated. As for the tigers, they can keep playing outside during the day until it hits zero. The pasture animals, the bison and the elk, will remain out all winter.

Hebert said with the cold moving in, the monkeys and lemurs are getting ready to spend the next few months indoors.

"One of the main reasons why we wanted to build this new building is the animals spend a lot of their time here in this building," Hebert said. "So the inside cages are much bigger than they used to be, and we're really happy they have a lot of room. It's much easier for the staff to clean inside with the new building. It's fun for the people to see the animals inside so we're hoping to do more tours inside this building."

Hebert said two projects in the works right now are a new peacock house and building a new corral for the bison. It's still pretty early on in the plans so a timeline is still up in the air.

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