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Single mother gets help from community after kid's Christmas gifts were stolen

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MADISON (WKOW) -- You may remember Lanae Pete's story. We first told you Friday she had nearly all of the Christmas presents she bought for her kids, stolen. But thanks to some giving viewers and readers, she won't have to worry about a Christmas without gifts. 

Over the weekend 27 News and reporter Hunter Sáenz received dozens of emails and messages from people wanting to help. 

One of those who wrote in was Darcy Osborn. She saw the original story and knew she had to help since it reminded her of her friend who is a single mother. 

"I believe everybody should give and that's why I felt she needed the help and I didn't know how many people she would have respond to the story so I wanted to be at least one of them," Osborn said. 

Osborn saw the story and on Monday, she gave Pete a donation and Osborn's friend gave Pete some gifts. We caught up with Pete at her second job to see how she is doing since the support started coming in. 

"Just knowing that there's the backup, the support, the help. It's just alleviated all of that stress. I don't have to stress. the emails just told me not to stress, that everything will be ok. and for once i was able to just breathe," said Pete. 

Pete is very thankful for the support and she's now having to decline donations as she doesn't want to take more than she needs. So, if you reached out and haven't heard back, that may be the reason. 

Pete's 11-year-old daughter is gracious too. She plans to take pictures of Christmas morning as the family opens the gifts and write dozens of thank you cards to those who helped and who offered to help.

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