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How to keep elders and children safe from cold weather injuries


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Young children and elders are two of the age groups that are most prone to cold-related injuries during these below zero temperatures we've been experiencing in the Chippewa Valley recently.

News 18 spoke with a trauma nurse at Mayo Clinic Health System on Wednesday and he said he's seen several cases a day of mild frostbite within the past few days.

Mild cases means the skin and tissue becomes white and with gradual re-warming, the frostbite will eventually heal. In the worst cases, frostbite can damage tissue so much, that the area can become black and potentially can require surgery.

Director of Nursing Trauma at Mayo Clinic Health System, Wayne Street told News 18, prevention is key so you don't become prone to cold weather related injuries.

"Risk groups include the elderly, and also the very young," Street said. "So kids, they have to have their mittens and their hats on. Put on face masks and the very old, they probably shouldn't even be outside much this year. This is a really good time of the year to take care of your neighbor who needs to take out the trash, go offer to do that for them."

Street added it's important to bundle up even if you're simply running to the store. You never know what type of situation you may end up in, so having cold weather gear on hand is essential in order to take preventative measures from frostbite or hypothermia. 

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