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Eau Claire vet gives tips on keeping pets safe in dangerous cold


Eau Claire (WQOW) -- It's not hard to remember to bundle up your kids in frigid weather, but what about your pets?

Veterinarians at the Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital in Eau Claire told News 18, just like for humans, extreme cold can be dangerous for animals too. They recommend keeping "business trips" outside as brief as possible and dressing small or short-haired dogs in as many layers as possible. 

They said it's not uncommon to treat animals for frost bite this time of year, so they suggest keeping a close eye on your pet's paws and ears. 

"You won't see signs of frost bite right away, so in the next couple of days -- just kind of keeping an eye, if you notice that the tissue is getting dark, letting your vet know and getting it checked out," Dr. Sarah Mull told News 18. 

If you're walking your dog through heavily salted areas, Dr. Mull said it's best to put them in booties. But if that's not an option, she said people should wipe down their puppy's paws with a warm, wet rag after every walk. See more cold weather dog tips in the PDF below. 

For animals that can't come indoors, experts at the Eau Claire County Humane Association said make sure they have an adequate shelter to get out of the elements, lined with straw or wood chips or blankets. They also said make sure those animals have fresh, unfrozen water.

If you suspect an animal left outdoors in freezing weather is being neglected or abused, County Humane Officers encourage you to report it to authorities. The Eau Claire County dispatch number is 715-839-4972 and a County Humane Officer can be reached at 715-839-4747 ex. 24.

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