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Tips to keep your home free from winter fires

Chippewa Falls (WQOW) -

"No firefighters were injured, however it was an extremely cold morning and that presents it's own challenges," Battalion Chief of Chippewa Falls Fire Department, Lee Douglas said after responding to an early morning fire on New Year's Day morning.

Douglas said although Chippewa Falls hasn't seen a spike in fires this winter, Western Wisconsin as a whole has and these bitter cold temperatures make it more of a challenge for officials to fight flames. 

"We battle with exposed skin and we are also working with water and getting over-sprayed from the hoses and just the nature of that," Douglas said. "We're going to stay outside and we're going to work on the fire and do as much as we can for as long as we can do so. It is our responsibility to make sure we also keep an eye on one another and make sure that we're rotating out more frequently than we would in moderate temperatures. We need to be brought into a warm area for a little bit of rehab and something warm to drink and then we will rotate back into the fire scene."

Officials said home owners can help make sure firefighters don't have to battle fires during the cold temperatures by making sure your home is flame free during winter weather.

Douglas told News 18 one way to do that is, if we do get deep snow to make sure your furnace vents are unplugged and free of snow.

Another tip Douglas recommends is to unplug space heaters and to not leave them unattended. He reminds home owners to keep space heaters away from flammable objects as well. 

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