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How you can avoid frozen pipes at your house


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Cold temperatures can damage and break pipes, which can lead to flooding and other household issues. A Chippewa Valley plumber gave News 18 some tips and tricks on how to avoid these plumbing problems.

"Well, if you turn on a faucet and you don't have water, that's usually the first sign," said Jamie Guibord of Service First Plumbing. "A lot of times people think it's their fixture, the device that the water is supposed to come out of, but usually it's frozen in the wall. Very common this time of year are trailer houses. We have a lot of trailer houses in this area. They're the most susceptible just because there is no foundation to protect them."

Guibord said to be aware of roof-top vents, water spigots and pipes exposed to outside temperatures, because they'll be the first to freeze. He said preparing when it's warm is your best bet, by making sure your pipes are insulated, or heated, before the bitter cold takes over.

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