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Evacuated residents reflect on trailer court stand off in Barron County

Barron County (WQOW) -

We first told you Saturday about a reported domestic dispute at the Anderson Trailer Court in Barron County, that led to a four and a half hour stand off between authorities and a man with a gun.

News 18 spoke with a few residents who left their homes Friday night in terror. They tell us they all felt the same thing, scared for themselves and their families.

"My daughter, she's four. She was terrified. She was really scared," said resident Jessica Szydlo. "We had to have a talk with the kids. My son was really concerned about his friend's mom, because that's who it was. We know her pretty well. He thought something bad had happened to her and her son."

Authorities say the initial call came in at 11 p.m. from a woman who said she was trapped inside her home by her boyfriend, who had a gun and was threatening to kill her. Soon after, deputies from the sheriff's department and officers from the Rice Lake Police Department responded to the scene. As the night went on, residents at Anderson Trailer Court began to notice something wasn't right.

"My husband was coming home from work, and he got greeted by a spotlight and police with rifles. We got really worried when the bear cat showed up out at the end of my drive way," said Szydlo. "I opened my door and came out to see what was going on, and an officer was across the street and he turned around on me and said 'Get back in your house. It's for your own safety. We will be with you immediately.'"

Residents were evacuated one by one, unaware of what could have been happening just houses down from their own.

"They came knocking at my door at one in the morning," said resident Kari Mcilquham. "I answered it and he stood their with a gun and said that we need to go. And I asked why and he couldn't tell us."

Mcilquham and her family stayed at a local hotel and couldn't return home until about 4 a.m. on Sunday.

"I was scared. I was like 'What is going on?' you know?" said Mcilquham. "Something big had to happen. So, I was just unsure on if somebody died, if somebody got shot, or if somebody with a gun was loose. You never think you are going to be in this situation until it happens, I guess."

While News 18's Shannon Hoyt was reporting at Anderson Trailer Court Sunday afternoon, a woman stopped to talk with her, who claimed to be the person who made the 911 call. She told her the man now in custody, her boyfriend, did not have a gun and was passed out on the couch. We reached out to the Barron County sheriff with this information, who repeated that the original call was for a woman barricaded in her home by a man with a gun. He said the department does not plan on releasing more information about the incident.

The man behind the stand off, 46-year-old Darin Jenkins, was arrested, and is currently being held on charges of Disorderly Conduct, Domestic Abuse and Bail Jumping.

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