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Expert: Winter sun can damage unprotected eyes

Eau Claire (WQOW) - -

No matter how cold it is, your eyes can be in just as much danger of sun damage.

An Eau Claire optometrist strongly recommends using protective eye-wear, all year. She said you can damage, and even burn the surface of your eye, if you're not careful.

"It's actually almost more dangerous during the winter than during the summer," said Dr. Kristen Lambert of Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic. "A lot of times people think 'Oh, the sun's coming out in the summer, got to put on those sunglasses.' But during the winter you actually get twice the amount of UV exposure because you're not only getting it from up above, but also the reflections from the snow and ice actually reflects underneath. So, you're actually getting it both from above and from below."

Dr. Lambert recommends sunglasses with both UVA and UVB protection. Polarized sunglasses are limited against UV exposure, only dulling the reflections from the sun.

She also recommends using sunscreen on your face and around your eyes, to prevent skin cancer, burns and wrinkles.

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