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Snow days strain some families in Eau Claire


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Your kids were probably pretty excited to hear school was canceled on Thursday because of the weather, but snow days aren't a welcome break for everyone. 

Tom Skutley, principal at Northstar Middle School in Eau Claire, said canceled classes could mean hungry kids. He told News 18 about 42% of the school's families qualify for some kind of meal assistance and many students depend on the breakfast and lunch provided during the day. 

Skutley said a snow day doesn't necessarily mean a day off for the staff, either. He said many are called to school even earlier to help look after students whose parents may have missed the memo. 

"We've had situations where a parent has dropped off their child pretty early in the morning and then reports to their own work place in a different community, perhaps 15, 30 minutes away," Skutley explained. "So in those circumstances we will open a computer lab for the student, and do other things just to make them comfortable, get some snacks, so they know they're welcome here as long as they need to be." 

Principal Skutley said an unexpected day off can leave some parents scrambling for child care, but ideally, parents should make a plan for bad weather ahead of time. He said knowing where to send your kids as soon as the forecast calls for snow saves a lot of headaches the morning school's called off. 

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