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Local Expert: Majority of teens aren't being asked for nudes


Eau Claire (WQOW) -- A local social media expert says teens aren't asking each other for nude pictures as often as parents may think. 

A recent article in the New York Times claimed about two-thirds of teen girls have been asked to send naked pictures of themselves. 

That number seemed high to Justin Patchin, who has extensively studied young adults and their use of social media and the internet. So he turned to his own data, and found that less than 20% of the students he surveyed in 2016 had been asked to share a nude photo. Meaning more than 80% had not been asked. 

Patchin said by suggesting this trend happens more than it actually does, we could end up normalizing bad behavior. 

"If two-thirds of girls are asked for nude photos, then that seems pretty normal," Patchin said. "So then, not only will boys think it's okay to ask, but girls will think it's normal to be asked and might feel some pressure then to send those images." 

Patchin said the number of LGBT teens asked to send nude photos is nearly double that of heterosexual teens.

He also said it's important parents understand where data is coming from so they don't sensationalize statistics. 

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