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How you can give your input on the future of Boyd Park


Eau Claire (WQOW) - The Eastside Hill neighborhood is putting together a survey hoping to learn what residents like about Boyd Park and what they'd like to see added. 

One year ago, leaders gave preliminary permission to build a skate park there. However, before anything goes up, they want to know how else people would like to use the space. 

"We're saying these are our other priorities to happen in that park. If you took that site, what would that take away from this site? Or, what would be the best sense of this at this time so that down the road we don't say, oh gee, I wish we had thought about such and such. So, as much input as we can get from the community, the better,"  said Mark Ruddy with the Eastside Hill Steering Committee.

Ruddy said he'd like to see more mini-activities make their way to Boyd Park, like T-ball, horseshoes, volleyball and badminton. He'd also like to see equipment and toys kept at the park for anyone to use at any time. 

The Eastside Hill neighborhood has teamed up with a few students from UW-Eau Claire to put the survey together as part of their service-learning requirement. 

Professors said the mandatory 30-hours of community service helps bridge the gap between the city and the university. 

"I think it's always good for Eau Claire in general to highlight the connection between the community and the university," said Scott Lester, 'Community Leadership' professor at UWEC. "The university has a lot of resources to offer, particularly our students, so this is a great way to make projects come to fruition that ordinarily wouldn't just because of resource constraints." 

You can share your opinions about Boyd Park in person at a community meeting Feb. 12. It'll be held at Spirit Lutheran church on Main Street at 6:30 p.m.

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