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UWEC students learn how national debt will impact their futures


Eau Claire (WQOW) - A national initiative is taking stride at the local level at UW-Eau Claire.

"Up To Us" is focused toward millennials whose goal is to raise awareness about the national debt and the economic impact it will have on future generations.
It cites staggering stats, like - in 10 years, at the current rate, our national debt will become our 3rd largest federal budget category - just behind medicare and social security. In 30 years, an average family of 4 is looking to lose up to $16,000 because of rising interest rates alone. For now the key focus is just getting the word out.

"It's interesting because we had a kick off activity on Monday, and that was kind of just seeing how much students know about it, and it's a dry topic," said UWEC student Justin Hanna. "A lot of students don't know about it, a lot of students don't know what kind of effects it will have in our future. So, it's interesting to kind of get students more engaged with it because they are interested once they see those facts."

Next Thursday is the initiative's "My Two Cents Day" themed share the wealth not the debt. It's a campus-based event, where members give out information through interactive games.  

Next month, organizers will hold a wild card event, an interactive workshop and debate.

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