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Unions praised in Madison ahead of Supreme Court Case


Madison (WKOW) -- Hundreds of people from many different unions converged on the Wisconsin State Capitol Saturday to rally as part of a Working People's Day of Action. 

Speakers representing the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) voiced concerns about workers needing fair treatment in wages, health care and job security.  They also talked about the proud history and future of labor unions, a future that could be affected by an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case -- Janus vs AFSCME.

The case, which is set to be heard Friday March 2, deals with the power of public unions to force workers who disagree with their politics to pay dues as a condition of employment. 

If the court rules in favor of the plaintiff, a public worker from Illinois, non-union members will no longer be forced to pay union fees.  

Rally organizer Michael Horecki says unions' strength could be undermined if the court strikes down the mandatory fair share fees.  

He says the rally Saturday in Madison was part of a similar efforts across the country to call attention to "equity actions;" the ways that job security and racial economics play a part in today's workforce.

That intersection of racial justice and wages will also be part of an AFSCME future campaign. Along with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO,) AFSCME's  event called  I AM 2018 will also be a nationally-focused demonstration. It's set for April 2-4 in Memphis.   

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