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Study: Encouraging teen dieting has adverse effects

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The way you could be talking to your teenager about dieting could have negative affects on what they eat according to a new study.

The study, published Tuesday in the Journal of Pediatrics, said parents who encourage their teens to diet could negatively impact the way they think about their weight and body image. 

According to the study, teaching your kids about dieting during their years of development can lead them to engage in unhealthy weight control behaviors and low body satisfaction 15 years after their adolescent stage.

Susan Krahn, a Dietitian with the Eau Claire City-County Health Department said it's important for parents to remember to take the weight off of weigh-in's and focus instead on mindful eating with your teen.

"Instead of eating for losing weight talk to your child about how you can both eat healthy together. I feel like if a parent can be on board and kind of understand their teen's concerns, maybe eating healthier together instead of just focusing on that child's image and focusing on their weight would be best," Krahn said.

Krahn added it's important to talk to your teen about how they feel around food and to help them build a foundation of eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables everyday. A tip Krahn suggested, try to plan ahead and structure multiple meal times as a family throughout the week. 


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