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Eau Claire school officials cracking down on 'Juuling'

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Parents: be aware of the hand held object that looks like a USB flash drive for a computer. It could actually be an E-cigarette and school officials are cracking down on the smoking device in Eau Claire.

The small object is well known as a "Juul" and students believe they can get away with using it at school because of its sleek and discreet design. Studies show E-cigarettes are more popular than traditional cigarettes, especially with teens.

The Juul E-cigarette gives off a sweet, fruity-like flavor because the device heats the nicotine juice to create vapor.

Memorial High School's Resource Officer Ben Hundt has been confiscating the trendy smoke that became popular earlier this school year.

"They are illegal for a person who's under the age of 18 to possess anywhere but school policy also has a language in place that makes any type of smoking devices or simulated smoking devices against school policy," Hundt said.

Officer Hundt said parents need to be aware about Juuls. The nicotine in the devices are addictive and there's no evidence on the long term effects.

Hundt's advice, talk to your children about e-cigarettes and explain to them that they have equal dangers of a regular cigarette. 

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