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Eau Claire churchgoers share tips for adjusting to daylight saving time

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Daylight saving time means one step forward to warmer days, but also a step back for those who like their extra hour of sleep during the winter months. For some, it can be a challenging adjustment to get used to. 

For churchgoers at Grace Lutheran Church in Eau Claire, making sure they were able to get out of bed on time for Sunday's service was their top priority.

"It was difficult. It was kind of groggy, but we're still here," Pastor Dean Simpson explained Sunday morning to News 18.

According to research, Americans lose approximately 40 minutes of sleep when they switch their clocks for daylight saving.

Grace Lutheran Congregation member, Collin Pomplun said he made sure Saturday night that his alarm clock was set for the correct time in order for him to make it to church on Sunday.

"First of all, it's easier to go to bed a little bit earlier and then get a little bit of coffee going in the morning," Pomplun said.

Simpson said the church was a little more empty than normal Sunday morning, but overall they had a good turn out.

"The numbers were a little lower today, but I'll have to hear this week if we can attribute that to daylight saving time or not. It was still a good group here," he said.

The two days after daylight saving can be the most challenging to get back on track with your regular sleep schedule.

"When you lose any amount of sleep, you can't make it up. So any bit of sleep helps," Pomplun said.

Sleep doctors across the nation suggest you try these tips to help yourself adjust to the change:

  • Cut out caffeine by noon
  • Set an earlier bedtime
  • Shut off the screen 30 minutes before you hit the pillow
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