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Pablo Center at the Confluence budget update released


Eau Claire (WQOW) - On Thursday, the Pablo Center at the Confluence unveiled a budget update and allowed us to get another sneak peak inside the facility in downtown Eau Claire. 

Total funding for the center comes in at just under $60 million.

"I really feel that it's our duty to ensure that everyone involved in the project, both donors as well as general tax payers, can see the budget in a complete and transparent way," said Jason Jon Anderson, executive director for the Pablo Center at the Confluence.

The center's previous $45-million price tag was based on the idea touring groups would bring in their own equipment to use, like lights or audio systems. Anderson said that plan was scrapped as interest in the center grew.

"What we don't want is artists to walk in and say, this doesn't do what we need, and continue to drive on by,"  Anderson said.

He said the center needs another $8-9 million to fulfill its equipment wish list. He's confident grants will cover half of that cost, and is asking donors for the rest.

"I would rather that we fund the building now, while we're still in the construction phase, do the things we know we need to do, so we're not continually asking for major gifts," Anderson said. "In asking for more, it's sort of a double-edge sword. One where you hope you're no offending donors, but at the same time, you get one chance in a lifetime to build a building of this nature, to serve this region, so that our general citizenry doesn't have to drive an hour and a half to see art. Now they have direct access to it. They can walk from their homes directly to us as a building."

Anderson wants everyone to know that no new tax dollars have been, or are being requested for this project. 

A grand opening at the center will be September 22.

Here is a breakdown of the expenses and funding sources.

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