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Your child could be hiding drugs in the bedroom

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Parents, do you know what's in your teen's bedroom? Chippewa Valley police and school officials are helping you figure out signs of where your child could potentially be hiding drugs.

On Tuesday, the Eau Claire Police and Sheriff's Departments partnered with the Altoona Police Department to bring a "meth bedroom scenario" to North High School's parent/teacher conferences. It was in order to educate parents about where their students could be hiding narcotics, and some of the areas, are shocking.

"Pipes that are disguised, that a parent might not recognize as a pipe. Spin off water bottle tops, potentially a CD case that is actually serving as a digital scale. All of these things that are available on the internet to purchase, that we might as adults or other members of our community, might not be able to recognize as a warning sign of somebody using drugs," said Bridget Coit, Eau Claire officer.

Eau Claire County's Methamphetamine Response Committee was introduced to the meth bedroom educational kit after seeing Barron County's informational session. Altoona's Police Department decided to purchase the kit to use as an educational tool in area communities at public outreach events.

Officials told News 18, parents shouldn't be surprised that drugs like meth can be found in a high schooler's bedroom, especially since opioid use is becoming an increasing problem in our community.

"It's becoming more of a community wide concern, and it will be just a matter of time before it seeps more and more into the schools because we're a reflection of the community. We want to work closely with our law enforcement agencies, and with our families, to keep the drugs and that kind of activity out of our schools and away from our students," Eau Claire Area School District Superintendent, Mary Ann Hardebeck said.

Parents were able to take a test to see how many areas in the bedroom where teens could possibly hide narcotics. Some of the places included spots like in hats, under pillow cases and in hair brushes.

Coit told News 18 she hopes Eau Claire County's Methamphetamine Response Committee will be able to bring the meth bedroom scenario to other community educational opportunities - like at the library and at other school events. 

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