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Eau Claire officials say flooding isn't a concern as storm approaches


Eau Claire (WQOW)- A mixture of snow and rain is on its way, but will it be enough to cause flooding to the Chippewa River?

John Genskow, the Eau Claire deputy of engineering, said we could see some higher water levels at the lower spots along the Chippewa River like Owen Park and along some parts of the Chippewa River Trail. 

Genskow said we don't need to worry about the Chippewa or Eau Claire rivers overflowing.

He said for it to flood we would need several days of very hot temperatures without any freezing at night. He said we are well below flooding, but should expect to see the river rise a little bit.

He said when we look at flooding, we have to keep an eye on the upper water shed around Hayward and Winter. 

"The nice thing about snow is that it's not liquid, so actually the snow will throttle down the melt that's already occurring in the Chippewa River. That actually, in the short term, will be a good thing, but what it means is in the long term now there's more water to melt in the upper water shed and so we will see a prolonged river increase over the next couple of days," said Genskow.

Genskow said with the winter storm approaching and the lower water temperatures, hypothermia is a concern because the water current will be much stronger. He said it's important to stay out of the water at this time. 

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