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Invasive Jumping Worms could threaten your plants


Chippewa Falls (WQOW) -- Attention gardeners, a slimy pest could be threatening your plants, but News 18 has some tips on how to prevent them.

Jumping Worms look like regular earth worms, but experts say you can tell the difference by their lighter colored band, and of course their erratic movement. This type of worm tends to attack soil, making it look like coffee grounds, and they take away nutrients from your plants, causing them not to grow properly. 

Jerry Clark from the Chippewa County UW-Extension told News 18, it is possible to limit exposure to this invasive species.

"Try to purchase plants that have been grown in sterilized media, or at least in a potting mix where they're not grown in a soil type medium," said Clark. "So, soil-less mixes these kind of potting mixes that are sterilized, commercially available."

Clark said he hasn't seen any Jumping Worms in the area, but they have been spotted in western Wisconsin. Clark also said it's unlikely you'll be able to entirely eradicate Jumping Worms if you have them, but you can prevent the spread by not sharing your plants in affected soil with other gardeners.

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