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Your firewood might be to blame for the spread of pests


(WQOW) - Memorial Day is around the corner, and many people celebrate by going camping, but is your firewood spreading invasive species?

Andrew Sorenson, a DNR Forestry leader in Augusta said the best way to prevent spreading pests like the emerald ash borer and gypsy moth is to buy your fire wood where you plan on burning it. 

Sorenson said state parks require you to buy your firewood no more than 10 miles away, and national forests require you to purchase it within 25 miles. 

"Of note we have oak wilt, emerald ash borer and gypsy moth. Now, both emerald ash borer and gypsy moth are regulated by DATCP. We have quarantines in effect. Currently, the entire state is quarantined for emerald ash borer and the western tier of counties is quarantined for gypsy moth," said Sorenson. 

This means it's illegal for you to take your firewood to a non-quarantine county if you live in a county that's under quarantine. 

While Wisconsin is under quarantine for emerald ash borer there's still a large area that it's not found in, so it's important to slow down the spread so communities have time to prepare and start treating their trees. 

Sorenson said if you don't buy firewood at the campsite you are at, you should keep the receipt in case a park ranger needs to see where you got your wood from. 

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