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5/23: Sharing Hope Walk to Prevent Suicide


Eau Claire (SHARING HOPE WALK TO PREVENT SUICIDE) - The Sharing Hope Walk to Prevent Suicide is September 15 at 8 a.m. at Carson Park. 

What kinds of mental health problems are issues in the Eau Claire area?
* Mental health conditions can include depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder and many others.
* Eau Claire County residents reported an average of two mentally unhealthy days in the past 30 days.
* Hospitalizations for self-inflicted injuries in Eau Claire County have exceeded the statewide average since 2000.
* One of our biggest concerns is suicide. According to a survey, 16 percent of Eau Claire County 10th and 12th graders have considered suicide - sometimes often.

What are some of the signs of mental health conditions to watch for?
* Eating or sleeping too much or too little, avoiding people and usual activities
* Having low or no energy, feeling numb or like nothing matters
* Feeling helpless or hopeless, unusually confused, angry, or scared
* Severe mood swings, hearing voices, thinking of harming yourself or others

Why is it important to address mental health issues?
* Mental illnesses often are associated with physical health problems and risk factors, such as smoking, physical inactivity, obesity and substance abuse: factors that can lead to chronic disease, injury and disability.
* Mental health is essential for personal well-being, caring family and interpersonal relationships, and meaningful contributions to society.
* Good mental health allows us to form positive relationships, use our abilities to reach our potential and deal with life's challenges.

Sharing Hope Walk to Prevent Suicide
* September 15th, 8 a.m.
* Carson Park
* Register at the event or online sharinghopechippewavalley.org

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