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5/28: Eau Claire Children's Theatre


Eau Claire (EAU CLAIRE CHILDREN'S THEATRE) - The director of the Eau Claire Children's Theatre came on Daybreak Monday to talk about upcoming productions. Watch the video to learn more. 

July 25- 29, 2018
State Theatre
Join us for the final show at the State Theatre
Show Times:
Wednesday, Jul. 25- 7:30pm 
Thursday, Jul. 26- 7:30pm 
Friday, Jul. 27- 7:30pm 
Saturday, Jul. 28- 1:30pm 
Saturday, Jul. 28- 7:30pm 
Sunday, Jul. 29- 1:30pm 
Tickets Prices:
$8.00 - Youth, $14.00 - Student, $20.00 - Seniors, $22.00 - Adult
Go, Go, Go Joseph you're doing fine! One of the most entertaining and popular ECCT shows of all time, Joseph is a reimagining of the Biblical story of Joseph, his father Jacob, eleven brothers and the coat of many colors told through catchy songs in a variety of styles with LOTS of fast-paced choreography. Don't miss ECCT's last production ever at the historic State Theatre.

June 14- 17, 2018
The Oxford
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery!
Show Times:
Thursday, Jun. 14- 7:30pm 
Friday, Jun. 15- 7:30pm 
Saturday, Jun. 16- 7:30pm 
Sunday, Jun. 17- 1:30pm 
Tickets Prices:
$8.00 - Youth, $14.00 - Student, $20.00 - Seniors, $22.00 - Adult
Get Tickets Online or Call
Get Tickets Online or call 715.839.8877
The Guild is up to it again- trying to mount a theatrical production! And everything you think might go wrong does go wrong with this production. Missed lines, missed entrances, missing props, doors that won't open, chairs that fall apart, bodies that don't die in the right spot. Full of slapstick humor and funny lines the ladies of the Guild are sure to make you smile.

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