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Survivors of 1958 tornado share their stories in Colfax


Colfax (WQOW) - Sixty years ago, a tornado devastated the town of Colfax, and surrounding areas, killing 21 and injuring 74 throughout the entire path of the tornado.

On Sunday night, a day before the anniversary, the community gathered together to listen to the stories of those who were there that day, June 4, 1958. Some shared their direct experiences with the tornado, others described the aftermath.

Nancy Mouledoux was seven years old at the time. Her parents were on the road when it hit.

"They were driving into town and the tornado came upon them," said Mouledoux. "So they turned around to try to drive away from it, and the car was just taken and just thrown around. But the door was open, and so they were all three pulled out of the car, my dad, mom and their friend. And they were just thrown into the fields. So they were able to walk into town and walk to may aunts house, and they were taken to the hospital from there."

Mouledoux said there were no warnings of the tornado. She was staying at a cousins house and heard the news from her father's boss. She was taken to see them and recalled both her mother and father who were sand-blasted from high winds, but survived with minor injuries.

The event 'Truth Be Told: Colfax Tornado Edition,' was put on by the Colfax Municipal Building Restoration Group.

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